To Search by Google or Baidu?

Excuse Me! This is a test article to practise my English. Errors are inherent.

Baidu is company that supply search service to users and supply Internet advertisement service to other companys. Everyone should know it’s search service is based on a Chinese language search engineer, many people think it’s a Chinese Company. But, they’re wrong. Baidu isn’t a Chinese company. It’s a company that had registered in United States.

Robin Li (Li Yanhong) is the founding of Baidu. Many people think he is a Chinese, yes, you’re not wrong, but he has got the Greencard of US. Baidu was founded in Silicon Valley. So, why Chinese people loves Baidu and to support Baidu? That’s so unbelievable!

Nowadays, we’ve got more and more way to know the truth behind everything and every organization, even the gorvenment! So, many Chinese netizen, who often visit online disussion forum start to support Google or other search engineer. Why? Beacuse they getting to know the real features of Baidu. What did Baidu do? Please Read:

On 15 and 16, the TV programme “30 Minutes of News” on CCTV reported the inside story of Baidu Sponsored Search. Some people accused Baidu maliciously interfered the search result, enshield deceptive advertising and block websites that disagree pay for Baidu Sponsored Search. People start to doubt Baidu and its search result.

After the search result of Baidu is doubted by people, its corrival in China and Japan — Google, begin to publicize itself. Many Baidu users disilluded and begin to search by Google at once. Why Google can attract Baidu users? Because Google has a motto — “Don’t be evil”

So, Google made a lot of “clean money” instead of “dirty money”. So, which search engineer should you choose, you must already knew.